2022 HBA Global Board of Directors and Nominating Committee

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Signup Deadline: 08-15-2021
Starts: 01-01-2022
Ends: 12-31-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


This application is dedicated to the HBA global board of directors and the nominating committee. We strongly encourage self-nomination. 

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Open positions:

The vacancies on the 2022 Board of Directors are the Executive Committee (3) including the chair, vice chair and secretary/treasurer, voting Directors at Large (4) and CCP chair (1). The Nominating Committee is also seeking candidates for two positions. Please the role descriptions to find the appropriate match to your experience profile and alignment to goals.

Term lengths:

The three officer roles on the Executive Committee are one-year terms with the opportunity to serve a subsequent one-year term. The Directors at Large roles are two-year terms with the opportunity to serve two subsequent terms (total of six years). The CCP chair is a one-year term appointed by the sitting CCP and this role does not have a term limit but the person must have been a chapter president. Any number of non-voting Director at Large roles may be appointed by the Board for a one-year term to enable the work and diversity of the Board to be adequately managed.

Candidate attributes:

There is no "ideal" board candidate. Instead, the HBA wants to have a board that is prepared to tackle the work laid out in the multi-year strategic plan. It is essential to include individuals with diverse backgrounds, e.g., racial/ethnic, gender, industry sector and geographic location, so that it can make well-rounded decisions that reflect the HBA membership.  

The core requirements of board candidates:

  • HBA member
  • Passion for the HBA mission and appreciation of diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Ability to lean into change with a future-facing approach
  • Strong strategic thinking skills and ability to take a holistic view

Strongly desired characteristics:

  • Global awareness (live outside the US or responsible for ex-US business)
  • Well-versed in healthcare
  • Understanding of digital strategy and effective communications
  • Previous board experience
  • VP or higher career level

To ensure the board is representative of the membership they serve, we look to create a diverse board:

  • Race and ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Industry sector
  • Organization/Institution size

Additional information can be found in the FAQs
15 August 2021

Leaders Needed:

10 (10 open slots)

Experience Required:

VP Level Industry Experience



For assistance or more information, please contact:

Yesenia Hernandez-Brito