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How to begin an essay

It has long been noted that a blank white sheet causes certain difficulties, and sometimes fears, in schoolchildren before any creative work is done. The opening lines of an grabmyessay are some of the most difficult, because the first impression the teacher has of the work as a whole depends on them. Therefore, a good essay, especially in high school, should not start with hackneyed phrases.

A good option for the introductory part of the essay is to evaluate the overall historical picture, under the influence of which the story, short story, or novel was created. Important events had a direct influence on the characters, the development of the storyline, and the drawing out of details. Such an introduction would be appropriate for Tolstoy's novels, Turgenev's famous novels, Lermontov's protest poems, and other works that appeared in certain time realities.

Contemplative essays can begin with a definition of one or another human value.

For example, for the theme of the relationship between literary characters, an introduction with the disclosure of the concepts of "love," "friendship," and "confrontation" would be quite appropriate. It is possible to characterize this moral category in your own words, so that the teacher can make sure that the author of the work has his own opinion on this issue.

One of the universal options for the beginning of any creative work is to set a problem or a question. The author begins to reflect on the complexity of choice in that distant era and now; asks himself an idea about the purpose of man; argues about the role of the environment in the formation of personality at all times. This method helps to smoothly pass to the problems of the work itself, avoiding unnecessary phrases in the preface.

The beginning of the essay can be quite analytical. To do this, it is necessary to succinctly characterize the essence of the work, focusing on the key issues. This method is one of the most difficult, but it is rated much higher than the others, because a clear announcement-analysis shows the student's ability to compare and present important facts, as well as give them their own assessment.

A good introduction to a literature essay writing service reviews should not be too long - traditionally it takes no more than one paragraph and consists of 3-5 complete sentences. If you have serious difficulties when writing the introduction to the work in the draft, you can postpone the drafting of the introduction. This will make it easier to navigate the structure of the essay, and to identify the main aspects in it to indicate them in the introduction.