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Amgen Inc.
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I began my career in Social Work, then returned to school to become a nurse. It was immediately apparent to me that I could blend both careers effectively in the specialty of Oncology. Drawn to business and leadership aspects of nursing, I returned to school to achieve an MBA. Currently I serve as a regional manager for Genentech, Inc. in the Hematology franchise. I oversee advanced practice nurses as they provide clinical expert support to the sales force on Hematology Oncology disease states and products.

On the home front, I am married to a dear friend I knew back in my early college days; we reconnected after 21 years apart. We have a blended family: my two sons are age 12 and 15, and he has a 13 yr old son and a 16 yr old daughter. We have custody of all 4 children and are still in process of learning how to blend a family while maintaining our sanity! We love to travel, play various instruments, listen to all types of music, and create art.