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The concept of binaural beats dates back many decades. Physicist Heinrich Willhelm Dove discovered this stimulating effect in 1839.  

Although it has been the latest technological advances that has made the reproduction of  binaural beats possible, ancient cultures were well aware of the capabilities to entrain the brain via sound repetition. This technique has been used far before it could be proven by modern science.

Ancient Indian civilizations knew that a rhythmic, consistent sound was an effective way to experience self-therapy and conscious development. This is something that has been known, and recently proven, to carry profound meditative powers.

Binaural Brainwaves Explained

Your brain comprises of many brain cells known as neurons. These brain cells use electricity in their communication with each other. An electrical activity is produced in the brain when several neurons send signals at the same time. This activity is responsible for our mood, thoughts, senses, and how we perceive our reality. An electroencephalogram can be used to detect this electrical activity, which is called a brainwave pattern due to its wave-like, cyclic nature.

On the other hand, binaural simply means relating to or having two ears. By creating an interaction between brainwaves using binaural beats, a powerful stimulus is achieved within the mind and subtle energy of the body. This is referred to as entrainment and can be used to produce many essential benefits related to well being and personal growth.

The human brain can be trained to change or to enhance brainwaves through relaxation and meditation techniques. Binaural beats can entrain and eventually synchronize brainwaves effectively, enhancing a specific pattern of activity. This leads to a rapid entry into a state of meditation, focus, relaxation or high energy.

What Is Binaural Brainwave Meditation?

There are various ways through which frequency-following response effect can be used to realize brainwave synchronization. Binaural music can be used effectively as a tool for accelerating a process that leads to the realization of meditative states.

Brainwave entrainment is any method by which the brain is induced into natural states of consciousness by exposing it to controlled stimuli. Using audio tools, you can reach the relaxation state that would take years of practicing meditation to achieve. This effect is very useful and it has led to the production of important products that enable users to effectively and safely reach the states of altered consciousness and enhanced awareness.

For many centuries, the effect of rhythmic sound patterns have been used to enhance the achievement of brainwave synchronization – leading to optimal meditation. Different instruments have been used by different cultures including the Aborigines in Australia and Tibet Monks to produce sounds or music that induce different harmonic resonances.


How Does Binaural Brainwave Meditation Work?

Binaural beats entrain and synchronize brainwaves due to their frequency –following response impact leading to a meditative state. An external stimulus that has a desirable frequency leads to a corresponding brain state in the listener. The variation of the tone of the binaural beats is very small for the right and the left ear and the attempt by the mind to compensate for this variation is what leads to frequency-following response impact, inducing brainwave synchronization.

Some of the benefits of binaural brainwave meditation include stress relief, calm, optimism and centered feeling as well as experiencing life from a fresh perspective. Therefore, instead of asking, what is binaural brainwave meditation consider practicing it to enjoy its full benefits.

Are you interested in trying binaural brainwave meditation to enhance your practice? Check out this free guided meditation download from our friends over at iAwake Technologies.

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